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Shattered dreams

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So I thought seeing my lad play American Football would be a good way to help him understand how to hit and be hit – key skills in real footy (rugby, albiet without the sissy pads / helmet) for some time in the future when we head home.

So I was shocked and dismayed watching him play yesterday to witness a manouvre that may see him never leave the US.

It's the last play of the day. He is on defense and the opposition sets up a nice looking play. QB gets a clean shot away and the wide receiver is looking pretty good although Fynn has managed to get in front of him.  Fynn intercepts the ball and heads down the touch line with a bit of jink and a weave – shades of Campese -  and scores a touch down. Exciting stuff except he then prepares to spike the ball and go all Hollywood. His coach reminds him that spiking the pill is so unbelievably bad form, he 'd be doing sit ups for the rest of his life if he follows through. Who knew?

So maybe not a footy star of the future in Oz but he's having a ton of fun. He was so excited I think he went to sleep in his helmet.