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Watching the Wallabies win against the All Blacks while running Hood to Coast

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This is slightly dated but I am making a note of it so I don't forget the absurdity of the situation in the future.

It's 3am on Saturday morning and I am riding in a van on Hwy 30 during the Hood to Coast race. I am a solid 2 hours away from my first leg so I call Mum in Sydney to make sure she isn't watching telly, fire up the Slingbox on my iPhone and watch the Wallabies face off against the All Blacks haka. As they kick off I realise that in about 40 minutes I am going to lose all internet connectivity as we head into hillbilly country. Australia starts strong and the highlight of the first half is a 65 metre sprint to the try line by the afro-sporting Radiki Samo – the oldest Wallaby ever to play Tri Nations rugby. Wallabies up 20 – 3 at half time…and then the tubes break and I am in radio silence for 6 hours. I run two of my three legs pondwering whether the All Blacks came back to win or the Wallabies surged or was it a draw perhaps. 

In Mist, AT&T generously provide one bar of coverage. I call me mate Tommy O who tells me the Wallabies won 25 – 20. I run my last leg with a dopey grin on my face…

Go the Wallabies.