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The Aussie becomes an American?


Fynn_blazer_game Three years after arriving in the US , my Aussie-born son Fynn pipes up last week asking: “Dad, I want to see a Basketball game”. The Portland Trailblazers are on quite the tear even without Greg Oden. Thanks to a friend, we scored amazing tickets – 12 rows back behind the board.

Given this was our first experience and our first boys night out, we needed to do it 100%. We bought the #52 jersey of Greg Oden and Blazer cap for Fynn. We ate popcorn, dogs and fairy floss (Mum’s the word).

And then we took our seats for a two and a half hour entertainment extravaganza both on and off the court. A remote controlled blimp flew over head dropping coupons for an NBA game on XBox…we scored one. (so now need to buy an Xbox – Mum’s the word (again)). We watched the mini cheerleaders, then the real cheerleaders, then the really strong blokes lifting the midget women high over their heads. An insurance underwriter’s dream come true right there.

Then it was game time and after two quarters trailing the Jazz, the Blazers roared ahead to finish 20 points in front. The Blazers nailed every aspect of the game – free throw percentage, rebounds, shooting…
Fynn loved it. We bought a ball after the game and in the ensuing 20 hours he has dribbled it for about 95% of the time.

Needless to stay the cricket gear has now been shelved. My only hope is that the American -born # 2 son sees the light…I don’t like my chances…

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