En Vacance

Gray T maleGray T female

The family and I are off for a two week vacation. The first half of the year has been a blast. 

Highlights include:

1. gMums topping 1,000!
2. New gPeeps in the building
3. Celebrating Employee #1's three year anniversary (yesterday) 

A bientot,

Jason, Kim, Fynn et Harper 

3 thoughts on “En Vacance”

  1. GREAT pictures!
    congrats on everything.
    i find it funny that as i clicked to your post i find i’m ALSO wearing the same t-shirt! love the gdiaper grey!


  2. I have been studying cloth diapers and gdiapers pretty intensely for the past few weeks and I am finding it hard to step out and change from Pampers. My son is 20months old and about ready for potty training. Why should I switch now? I am so compelled by what the gDiaper is and what it could mean for the enviroment but is is financially worth the change? There is only one store in our area that sells your product and that is 20 miles away. Could you please help me to understand a little more why it matters.
    Tessa Clark


  3. in case jason is still on vacation … i’ll venture to throw out: check out the gdiapers yahoo group.
    there are tons of us users who could give you answers to all your questions and more about this amazing innovation in green diapering!


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