Olympic countdown

Picture 1

Kim and I are big fans of the Olympics. Kim’s family has strong ties to the Canadian Olympic team. There has been a Nye at every Olympics dating back to Mexico in 1968 I think. In Sydney in 2000 I worked for the Japanese Team as an interpreter, living in the Village and seeing some memorable performances. I put my name in the lottery to be a placard bearer to lead a country into the Opening Ceremony and managed to score the Islamic Republic of Iran. They were a great team with some world class wrestlers that were just big friendly giants, excited to be in Sydney. They ended up winning three gold medals in that event. I also met a really interesting American of Iranian descent who failed to qualify for the US team in Equestrian so had moved back to Iran and was now riding for them. He had some incredible stories.

We waited in a staging area and naturally alphabetically, the Republic of Iraq was next to us. And the two of them couldn’t have been friendlier. They talked of all sorts of things. It was quite extraordinary to witness. 

Bring on Beijing and Go Aussie Go. For an itty bitty nation we go pretty well. 

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