Random Neuron Firing

What bugs me


This always surprises me about my newly adopted country. A law that would guarantee to save lives is rejected because folks don’t like the feeling of being told what to do. The term “nanny state” is bandied around. 

If the life saving message isn’t working, a better approach would be to set out the insurance premium savings perhaps. Or a video of a cycling accident where the victim is not wearing a helmet. That’d do it. Either which way I am amazed that the personal freedom message beats out the saving lives  and saving money message. As it stands, natural selection will win the day. 

1 thought on “What bugs me”

  1. That makes me crazy too. My grandmother was always saying that about the seat belt law. Refused to wear one until one day we were in my car and I told her that if we were in an accident I was going to be the first one to see her sad body plastered all over the sidewalk and I didn’t want that. She is better now, but not always. Its amazing to me how people resist what’s best for them. Helmets, seat belts, not smoking. sigh.


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