How we count medals

Funny that the New York Times reports the medal count like this:

Picture 2

While Australia and the rest of the world  counts it like this:

Picture 3

Either which way, Great Britain is beating Australia and that is bad, bad, bad news…If we end up like that it'll be 4 years of torture before we go at it again in London in 2012.
Let's keep things in perspective though. Looking at population ranks, this is how the above rates: 

#1. China (20% of the world population) 
#3. US (5%)
#22. GB (0.91%)
#9. Russia (2.13%)
#53. Australia

We're fighting way above our weight class…And yes I am way bored at this point with jetlag preventing me from sleeping and 5 beers failing to take effect…what else can I do on the Internets (as Mr McCain would say…) 

PS: Pitcairn Island rates a# 221 with a population of 50 in case you were interested. 

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