Busy busy busy…

Kim and I are four years into this adventure. The emergency trip back to Australia in August to renew visas reminded us of that.

The travel of late has been frenetic. Earlier this year we discovered a country north of the US of A: Canadia.
It rocks up there. Mums have one years paid maternity leave, guaranteed. So they are relaxed and happy and as they are totally into recycling and composting they are clearly fired up about gDiapers.So we took the boys and spent 10 days up there last week. The four of us spent the weekend with Kim's Mum and then met with Canadian media and attended CHFA – Canada's natural products expo. 

The day after tomorrow, we are heading out to Boulder, Colorado through to Friday to attend the most enjoyable event we have ever been to. It is called SNAP – Science – Nature – Art – People and started 2 years ago by four of the founding father of the natural products industry. 

That is:
Steve Demos - Founder and Former President of White Wave, Inc.
Drake Sadler - Co-Founder of Traditional Medicinals

Doug Greene - Founder of New Hope Natural Media

Peter Roy - Former President of Whole Foods Market    

Last year's was at a great eco-resort in Austin, Texas. We were a bit distracted as we were closing a funding round but it was still great. Speakers like Chris Jordan and Ken Dychtwald were just amazing. This year will be even better I am sure. 

After Boulder, Expo East – the second of the two big natural products expos happens  in October in Boston so another week away for both is us. 

Then a week in New York in the first week of December to spend time with Golden Seeds -  a great group of investors who only invest in women-lead businesses. They have an interest in gDiapers and host an event for all the Founders of their investors.

Then our last Board Meeting of the year and back to Oz for a summer Christmas on the beach. 

In between times there is Fynn's soccer,Harper's gymnastics and the Portland Marathon.

And then there is Season Two of Gossip Girl to keep close to. That Chuck Bass fellow is a piece of work. After seeing episodes 1 and 2, I am still trying to figure out how one can hook up with your ex girlfriend's, new boyfriend's Mum. Will need a white board for episode 3.

And lastly Season Five of Entourage. Ari is the very kind of CEO I am not. It's always fun to watch what you are not. 

So the last quarter of the year looks like a piece of cake!

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