A letter to the US Treasury Secretary

Dear Mr Paulson,

My name is Jason Graham-Nye and my wife and I started an environmentally-friendly diaper company three years ago.

We understood that the way one raises money to launch a start-up in this great Capitalist nation of yours was to write a business plan and a private placement memorandum, meet thousands of potential Angel investors and pray.  

However, I understand you announced yesterday a new way of going about this caper. I was hoping that the same hand of support you have shown for the financial industry could extend to the burgeoning flushable diaper sector. For just $1 for every man, woman and child in America we would be so set. Naturally, all 300,000,000 shareholders would receive a fully franked dividend in the form of free shipping on any purchase of little g pants.

It's a sweet deal Mr P.





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