Financial Crisis

Back to the future…

If anyone wants to know what's going to happen on the Dow on Monday, take a look at what happened on the Aussie market Friday:The biggest one day fall since Black Friday in 1987. And that was after our Fed cut rates a full 1%. I was sitting in my final year of High School, in an Economics class no less when the market opened and down we went on that day.

The Aussie dollar, having been at parity with the USD just two months ago fell 20% in one day and back to 1983 levels. I wasn't even wearing big boy pants that year…

To my stockbroker mates at Nomura, hang on and if you'd like a career change into the exciting (and somewhat more stable) world of diapers, you know where to find me. Unlike the financial world, we get 4,000,000 new customers every year. 

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