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Flag wars…

The narrow loss to the All Blacks last night has brought out the worst in my sole Kiwi friend here in Portland…walking the dog this morning I was admiring the Australian flag in front of our place only to discover sabotage.
To locals, the flags of Oz and NZ are identical (they copied ours) nay for one detail. Their stars are red (they are communists) ours are as white as the driven snow (we are a pure breed).
I have taken down the offending flag and replaced it with the French ensign until such time as that petty minded Kiwi returns mine!!

If it’s not on the porch by 3pm, the boys and I will testing the flammability of aforementioned flag.

Viva l’Australie! Flag wars...

3 thoughts on “Flag wars…”

  1. In honor of a fellow movember team mate, the flag has been military folded and returned in as borrowed condition. All we ask is that disgrace that is currently hanging be removed before it is replaced with the Union Jack…


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