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Flag Wars (cont’d)

My Australian flag was returned today, physically unharmed and folded military fashion. Who knows the mental scars it may have for the rest of it’s life after 48 hours in a Kiwi Gitmo facility.
24 hour surveillance of the flag pole has now been established..
Flag Wars (cont'd)

2 thoughts on “Flag Wars (cont’d)”

  1. Mate – I came to this late. Perhaps an appropriate penalty for the perpetrator is to lock him in a room with Dave Dobbin’s “Slice of Heaven” being played on an endless loop.
    I fear however that the Kiwi victories are not over, with Nom Du Jeu (#5) a good thing in the Cup tomorrow.
    Money lost, nothing lost. Confidence lost, everything lost!


  2. Our biggest fear is that if Nom Du Jeu should win, suddenly it will become an Australian thoroughbred… Phar Lap anyone? Then heaven forbid, Robbie Deans…


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