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Thank you Frito Lay

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After enduring ads for the launch of "True North" snacks during the Oscars, I decided to give them a go. Given that eating any other nut in the US today is pretty much a death sentence (thank you American Peanut Company) I thought it was a fair bet. It's a great concept. Take a nut, make it chip-like and Bob's your uncle. 

And then we get to the claims. "100% natural". The term is completely meaningless. And it begs the question, how could a nut be anything but natural? Well actually read down into the ingredients list and you see that our good friends at Frito Lay (who are behind the brand) have managed to make the very natural nut, a train wreck by adding sugar. Yes, sugar. 

Of course what America needs is another sugar-laden snack. 

Let's not forget that there is so much sugar in a McDonald's bun, that it is classified as a confectionary item, not a bakery item. 50 years after the launch of that product and we have bred "Generation O" (for obese). I suspect there is a correlation here. 

The destruction we have wrought on the environment is one disgrace of my generation. The other however is the fact that for the first time ever, the youngest generation – our children – have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. 

Thank you for your contribution Frito Lay. 

Rant over. Back to regular programming.

1 thought on “Thank you Frito Lay”

  1. “the youngest generation – our children – have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.”
    Unnatural selection?? I am all for this horrible product. We have too many laws that already ruin natures way of of ridding itself of the weak. Over consumption is just a bio product of over population.
    I say get rid of child car seats laws, the FDA, drinking ages and any other such nonsense that keeps natural selection from taking its course.
    BTW – love your blog!


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