Random Neuron Firing

Cricket translated…


After the Proteas(that'd be the South Africans) humbled us last year, we are back big time

This paragraph sums it up. Translation in blue in parentheses.  This is what baseball needs: less drugs and more claret (blood) spilt. 

"MITCHELL JOHNSON'S (Australian left arm, express (fast) bowler (pitcher) that the best Australian bowler (Dennis Lillee) once described as a once-in -a-lifetime prospect) numbers: 16 overs (one over is made up of 8 deliveries (pitches)) so in 128 balls (pitches) , five maidens (a maiden is a beautiful young woman but not as beautiful as a maiden in cricket. A maiden over is an over (8 pitches) where no runs are conceded. The batting team is essentially paralysed), three wickets (a wicket means getting the batsmen out), two batsmen in hospital for X-rays , one broken finger to South African captain Graeme Smith, three stitches to the battered face of Jacques Kallis, one case of blood on the pitch, one unveiling of previously unseen inswingers (the ball leaves the bowlers (pitchers) hand and as it travels through the air it swings in towards the batsmen. The outer cover of a cricket ball is red leather. You generate swing by shining one half of the ball) to complement his searing pace (An express bowler has the ball moving at about 100 mph) and one magnificent example of a player grabbing a Test (A Test is 5 glorious days of cricket)  by the scruff of its neck."

In SAT parlance, Cricket is to Chess as Baseball is to Checkers. Let the hate mail begin…

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