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Where are the plastic-free deniers?

Could it be true? Is there no one coming out to deny the “so-called” plastic “crisis” that the Left have been hyperventilating about this year since their enviro demi-God David Attenborough came out and said there might be a bit of plastic lying about the place and we may want to do something about it?

It’s odd isn’t it? For all our sophistication as a species it seems that if you can’t see it you won’t believe it. Birds entrapped in plastic? Yep, that’s a fact and plastics are a problem. Sea temperatures rising, CO2 levels soaring? Well, it might not be true. It’s science after all and well, that’s rarely accurate. Sprinkle in a conspiracy theory or two and off we go. Years of wasted time debating scientific fact over a minority’s Oil-industry funded opinion. Meanwhile Rome burns and Elon goes in search of a new planet to call home.

Earth Day, the movement started in 1970 effectively died in the 2008 Great Recession (the one Australia missed because it’s banks are actually regulated) because the majority realised they were only up for saving the planet if they could afford it. And in 2008 they couldn’t afford to keep their homes, let alone buy organic.

I sensed it would take decades for people to start caring again but the plastic crisis has proved me wrong. There seems to be a genuine shift with Government and manufacturers at least in some countries making a move.

One concern however is the notion that we just keep churning out plastic and magically recycle it. Global recycling rates are woeful, China is no longer taking the world’s recycled material, the end products are of lesser value and the biggest issue is that plastic is made from oil. Once it’s extracted from the ground and extruded, the upstream damage is done. Somewhat like our climate denying funders from Big Oil, I can only imagine the machinations going on in the background to make absolutely sure the demand for oil is in no way affected by any new policy.

Will the day come when we can bid farewell to Big Tobacco, Big Sugar and Big Oil and their tried and true tactics to keep the public confused and maximise profits for shareholders? It’s so predictable yet we all seem to be asleep to it. In all three cases they are literally killing their customers.

For our US cousins, not even today’s resignation of scandal-ridden Scott Pruitt, Head of the EPA and card carrying member of the Climate Deniers club offers any reprieve. The new Head, albeit interim was also a lobbyist for Big Oil.

Rome continues to burn.

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