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“Combobulate. (Verb) To put together in a somewhat mysterious manner. To bring something out of a state of confusion or disarray. To manufacture by some unusual or novel means. Antonym: discombobulate”.

This word has been in my head these last weeks as we have juggled working on gCycle and celebrating my Mum’s 80th with the family in Scotland. I pondered why in popular vernacular we only ever hear of the antonym. A mystery indeed.

It aptly describes our gCycle project. A move to the Circular Economy is multi-faceted, non-linear and requires many parties to come to the table. Some days I’d really rather wish we were in the widget making and selling business but alas we are here working on this wicked problem.

Yesterday we visited Findhorn EcoVillage in the very north of Scotland where my brother, sister and her husband lived for some time. It is the largest intentional community in the world and has the lowest CO2 per capita in Europe as they use 100% renewable everything. The village features some amazing sustainable houses: some round ones made from whiskey barrels (they smell great) others from rammed earth and one that seems to be where Bilbo Baggins lives.

The guide for our tour described the Founders back in the 60’s being guided by higher powers. It was a little like the movie Field of Dreams – “Build it and they will come”. They did build it and the people really did turn up. And they

continue to show up to this day. A perfect combobulation and one that inspires me today to keep going.

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