On the daily

Putting everything in its place.

After another year of non-filing, of efficiently putting bits of paper in random places, today was the day I pulled the office apart.

And it was glorious. Business-y things in this pile, tax returns in that pile. The kids school reports over here, bills over there. A pile for goodwill. A pile for recycling and some for the bin.

Two observations.

1. The amount of paper in our lives is plummeting if you choose to e-pay everything. That suggests that at some point in our kids lives filing cabinet makers will be going the way of the Farrier.

2. I’m not convinced human beings are wired to be organised. I did a thorough piece of research using a massive dataset made up of my two co-workers in the office here and revealed that a full 66.6% of all workers globally are catastrophically disorganised. The growing number of books and businesses that have emerged to help the hopelessly disorganised supports this view

Of my own experience, while I felt pangs of anxiety through yet another year of disorganised chaos the sense of relief after filing / throwing / burning won’t be enough I fear to keep the habit up.

Why I wonder? There’s a PhD in there for sure.

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