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The Murdoch connection

Waiting with gritted teeth to watch Steve Bannon, the very worst of America being interviewed on the ABC’s 4 Corners program tonight. He is in Australia for a tour to I assume promote his special breed of hate. Given he was fired from the White House he’s gotta make a buck somehow.

I heard a theory lately that wherever Murdoch is, right wing, extremists lurk.

In the US, Murdoch’s “Fair and Balanced” Fox TV delivered the White House to Trump and continue to be the mouthpiece for the Orange one.

In the UK, Murdoch’s SkyTV delivered the Brexit result the nationalists were after.

In Australia, Murdoch owns The Australian and Daily Telegraph Newspapers. He also owns the Sky TV network featuring an evening cavalcade of right wing, anti-immigrant, climate denying talking heads screaming down the lens at a relatively small viewer base. In combination they delivered one of the poorest organised political coups anywhere in the world. In the end they didn’t get their man in the top job. But it revealed with absolute clarity the influence Murdoch’s media outlets have on the political scene Down Under.

Each of these these countries are facing a nearly unprecedented level of political instability. They are each directionless with no clear policy views.

Canada and New Zealand offer a stark contrast. No Murdoch media interests in either country and both feature clear political leadership.

Chalk and cheese.

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