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A slightly less Uber Uber in a good way

A new on-demand transport service is trialling in our neck of the woods. It’s called Bridg and it’s very clever. As the name suggests it bridges the gap in those areas where public transport doesn’t offer the needed coverage. In our case the morning and afternoon school run. For a 10 minute journey to school the kids would otherwise be taking two Government-run buses and spend around 50 minutes doing it.

It’s the first real tangible experience I’ve had of “dynamic big data”. The app offers pick up windows but interestingly depending on where each rider is coming from, the pick up location changes each day.

So far it’s worked perfectly and it’s as cheap as chips. We have visibility on where the kids are and with successes the trial will expand to cover more of Sydney.

We have been back in Sydney four years now and as an experiment decided to see if we can avoid buying a car. They’re expensive in Oz, we live near the beach so the salt kills them and parking is scarce and pricey. We rely mostly on my Vespa and Go Get car sharing. So it’s actually working. And the Bridg bus makes it even easier.

The next challenge? Our 15 year old turns 16 on Sunday and I’m not totally sure how he’s going to learn how to drive!

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