On the daily

Change: it’s a love / hate thing

It often feels like change takes forever. And yet we live in constant change. And at a DNA level we seem to hate change.

Nature appears to move ever so slowly. Plant the seed, water, wait and over time there is change – growth.

Then again a storm like the one I saw hurtling toward our place a few months back (above) sure did move fast.

In business we demand speed. Companies that grow the fastest win. Win awards, win investor support, win by being acquired. Business principles tell us that Fast growth – a type of change – is rewarded.

And yet the only thing that grows in the natural world with the kind of speed we want to see in companies are phenomena like Cancer or a weed in the backyard. They are misunderstood, undetectable to the naked eye oftentimes and thrive in otherwise healthy environments. And they end life.

And then there’s change we (think we) can control. I was reminded of this after stumbling on Fast Company magazine from 2005 (below) yesterday. Faced with a choice to change our habits or face imminent death, only 1 in 10 of us change our habits. That’s pretty remarkable for us as a species and our chances for longer term survival.

We need to somehow change our view of change.

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