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The burgeoning “Circular Economy” already in danger?

Greenwashing is the death of the sustainability movement. We should know having toiled away for the past 15 years in the US offering parents a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic diapers.

Along the way there have been some epic claims from brands hoping to capture the hearts and minds of green-leaning consumers.

The FTC (America’s ACCC / EA) has tried with their green marketing guidelines but nothing much has changed. According to the guidelines, general environmental claims are verboten but on every shelf of every super market the meaningless term “eco-friendly” abounds. Green logos and marks are also a no-no and yet there are entire brands built around a green leaf mark. Guidelines are useless without policing.

We had our own fun with the FTC back when they announced their new guidelines. Nothing better than debating the science of biodegradation with FTC lawyers.

As someone said to me after the fact, you haven’t really been in business in the US until a Federal Agency has come after you. The only outcome from that experience was funding our lawyers next ski vacation.

Which brings me to this piece of news. A competition to find a technology that can recycle tailings from mines.

And they label it the “Circular Economy”.


So the answer to the mess that is mining is to find a way to recycle the byproduct?

What a delightful bandaid.

It’s right up there with “Clean Coal“.

Movements die when they get misappropriated by bad actors. And this is one such example.

We need to be ever vigilant.

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