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Plastic free July Day 4…

Visy Recycling behind ‘toxic’ plastic waste container in Indonesia

Visy’s ‘toxic’ plastic waste will be returned to Australia from the Indonesian city of Batam after Indonesian authorities put their foot down.
— Read on www.smh.com.au/world/asia/visy-recycling-behind-toxic-plastic-waste-container-in-indonesia-20190703-p523s0.html

That’s right kids. Recycling isn’t the answer. It’s actually “downcycling” because the result is material of a lesser value that will ultimately be landfilled.

We are the only species in earth that creates waste. And waste is simply the result of lazy design. We are better than this people!

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NSW government to tackle plastics waste ‘head-on’ after policy switch

NSW is planning a “comprehensive” package to deal with plastic waste, potentially exceeding curbs introduced in other states.
— Read on www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/nsw-government-to-tackle-plastics-waste-head-on-after-policy-switch-20190701-p522z7.html

Day Two of Plastic Free July and the Premier of our state of New South Wales has woken up to the plastic crisis…years after every other state. It seems a key member of her former cabinet was a big Plastic Waste denier!