ABC Kids Expo 2011: gMum / gDad dinner

We are blessed (blessed doesn't do it justice but that's all I could come up with ) with an amazing group of Mums and Dads who have helped and continue to help gDiapers expand across America. We call them gMums and gDads and they volunteer their time to spread the word.We rarely get to meet these fabulous advocates. Sometimes when we are on the road we can get a group dinner together but being parents, it is really hard  to make it happen. So we were thrilled to get a good sized group together last night in Louisville for a terrific dinner. Thanks everyone for coming.




Sweet Deal Champions League profile: Anna Swank


Herewith the last of our Sweet Deal Champions League profiles. Introducing our Champion of Champions, Anna Swank.

Lee and I have been married for seven years, and we have five kids:

Jonny (just turned 7)
Gracie (will be 6 in November)
Levi (3)
Reagan & Serafina (just turned 1)

Lee is a stay-at-home dad, which is
really awesome.  Sometimes he thinks I'm a little bonkers with all my
"save the planet" stuff, but he goes along with me most of the time. 
Not without a little good-natured teasing, of course!  Our house is
loud and crazy and usually more than a little messy, but fun.  I never
in a million years thought I'd have five kids, but I wouldn't have it
any other way!

I work for a rockin' design research
company called Lextant.  I've been here for a little over four years,
and I love it.  Lee was a truck driver before he "retired."  Now he
spends his days with the kids, and boats/fishes when he can.  He's
pretty big into yard work, too.  Me, I love to cook and sing karaoke. 
I'm also an advocate of breastfeeding and natural birth, and do what I
can to support those causes.

When did you first purchase gdiapers? Hmm… August 2008, I think

What’s your favorite ‘little g’ pant color or print? Oh boy, that's a tough one!  The Girly Girl Ruffles are super-cute, but I really think that I like Go Fish Blue or Grasshopper Green the best.  Not exactly girly colors, but they're so vibrant – I just love them.

What do you enjoy telling people about gdiapers?  Everything! They're adorable, of course, so that always strikes up conversation.  I love telling people how easy they are, especially the flushables.  I really feel like I can sell the gRefills as "just like disposable, but way better for you and your baby."  Cloth can be a hard sell to most people, but the hybrid concept seems to really get folks excited.

Why did you become a gMum or gDad? I'm not gonna lie – I'm all about free stuff!  I do love talking to people, though, so the idea of potentially helping out with an expo or other parenting event is really appealing.

Your favorite gWord is? Groovy.  Or gravy, if I'm hungry.  😉


Sweet Deal Champions League profile: Michelle Hsieh

First_zoo_7_24 (2)

Here is the second of our profiles on our top three Sweet Deal gMums. Please welcome Michelle Hsieh.

I'm Michelle Hsieh, first time and stay at home mommy to Shaylana Barnes.  Her Daddy, my significant other is James Barnes and we live in Phoenix, Arizona.  Shaylana just turned 8 months on Aug 1st.  It was a happy surprise when my water broke 6 weeks early!  Shaylana also has two fur siblings, Droplet and Lulet, and they are already best of friends.

When did you first purchase gdiapers? I first puchased them while pregnant with my baby Shaylana in Sept 08.

What’s your favorite ‘little g’ pant color or print? My absolute favorites are the girly girl ruffle little gpants, but I love all the pink ones.

What do you enjoy telling people about gdiapers? Aside from showing off how cute they are -I love telling people how they are flushable, compostable, disposable, or you can use gcloth.

Why did you become a gMum or gDad? I love gDiapers, spreading the word, and heard about the gMum benefits.

Your favorite gWord is? Girly, because it describes us!  But also Genuine and Green, because it is important to be both!


Sweet Deal Champions League profile: Sari Erdos


A big congratulations to everyone who participated in our Sweet Deal competition. We at "g" were blown away by everyone's efforts.

I wanted to share with you profiles on our top three Sweet Deal gMums. First up is Sari Erdos.

Searching for ways to live a greener life, Sari stumbled upon gDiapers earlier this year. “I couldn’t believe the amount of diapers we were throwing into the trash. I knew there had to be a better way.” Sari is a lawyer, a teacher, and a first time stay-at-home-mom to 2 year-old boy/girl twins. Her favorite way to use gDiapers is with cloth inserts, but she also loves the convenience of the flushable inserts. “We can’t wait to try the new gCloth!” Sari lives in River Edge, New Jersey with her husband Victor, twins Teddy and Taylor, and their cat, Major Nelson.

When did you first purchase gdiapers? April, 2009

What’s your favorite ‘little g’ pant color or print? good vibe stripe (both pink and blue, of course – we only have a bunch of orange and vanilla so far, so I'm really looking forward to using that gift certificate to get some of the cute prints!!)

What do you enjoy telling people about gdiapers? I love telling people how easy they are to use, how great they are for the environment, and how incredibly cute they look.

Why did you become a gMum or gDad? I started researching alternatives to disposable diapers and created a blog to help other people learn as well ( Part of my goal is to help people make greener choices by promoting products that I love. gDiapers is one of those products!


Mummy & Me Tea

100_0145 We host a Mummy & Me tea at gHQ each month. This month a gMum – Jenni Billings, rocked up with this tea tee! Designed by her clever animator hubby David. Yay!