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Books read thus far in 2020

Holidays are always the best time to catch up on reading and our break in Indonesia was perfect for that.

The plane ride had me devour the autobiography of Eddie Jones, the Aussie Japanese coach of the England rugby team. Fascinating for me as a rugby fan and especially so just after the Rugby World Cup in Japan last year. While England fell to South Africa in the semi’s, Jones’ story is a cracking tail of persistemce, resilience and “kaizen” – constant improvement. A really inspirational read despite his reputation in the media as being a bit of a mongrel.

Up next was the wildly popular “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. As someone always on the hunt to find the better way, understanding the power of habits and how to harness them for good (like a daily blog post) not evil (mindless social media’ing) was very satisfying. It’s the kind of book you read with a pen in hand. The subesequent to-do list after reading this book is lengthy but exciting.

And now off to Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe who shines a light on the life of Aboriginal Australians prior to the arrival of the Europeans. Far from bringing primitive as we were all taught in schools, Aboriginals built sophisticated structures, developed highly effective fishing and farming techniques and expertly managed the soil and bushland. This last point is very apropos right now as we see over one billion animals killed due to the biggest bishfires in living memory. There is much discussion as to whether the indigenous approach to bushfire management may be where we need to head. I am only 22 pages in…

On the daily

Relief Run done

With the Aussie bushfires ravaging our land these past 4 months, there have been many great campaigns to raise funds for affected communities and the fire fighters.

One example is Relief Run where people choose to do a 5km or 21.1km run this weekend, January 18-19. They have raised nearly $1 million.

Today I ran my 5km on the tiny Pirate island just off of Flores where we are staying to wrap up our time in Indonesia.

On the daily

Back (again)

The love / hate relationship continues.

While writing this blog nearly daily for 10 years seemed effortless at the time, as can be seen from the archives, the past five years has been patchy at best.

I think Social Media has taken me away. As has been so well covered in the media, the addictive nature of endless scrolling robs us of producing great ideas and leaves us mindlessly consuming. As the folks who invented FB and IG have since said, they designed it that way.

While in Indonesia this month on a working / holiday trip I took some time to remind myself what gives me energy, what takes it away and what I can do each day to do more of the former and less of the latter.

I also read “Atomic Habits”. This has lead me to a 2020 commitment to this blog because writing does give me energy, helps me organise my thoughts which in turn helps me with gDiapers, parenting, husbanding, Circular Economy researching an teaching.

As for accountability, Atomic Habits have something great ideas including a Habit Contract:

Write here every day. If I miss a day, post that fact on Twitter and pay the first five punters who like the post $10 each.

I think this is my fourth restart in 15 years. Better to keep getting up than abandoning forever.

And the photo? That’s a post run snap in Indo. While it looks like it took my energy away it was actually energising.